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Mr Ajay Gupta welcome you to our On-page SEO Services! Search engine optimization service has two types, one is on page SEO and the other is off page SEO. Every SEO service company offers both types of SEO services.

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO service is the process of optimizing the website including website content update, meta-tag modifications and many others. On page SEO is regarded as one of those vital search engine optimization processes that play leading roles in securing top ranking position in the Search Engines. Infact, on page SEO is about magnetic keywords in the content, title or in meta description section of websites so that your website gains visibility whenever visitors searches with that particular topic or term. Keywords should be combined in the content of your website but it should not cross certain limit otherwise; your website may get criticized by search engines.

Some Key factors that we follow:

Total website analysis

Ajay Gupta and his SEO specialists' analysis and check up your site very closely so that an individual always keeps in touch with you. We follow some most effective steps to analysis your web site. Here are some of them. Please have a look:

  • Website Analysis.

  • Strategy Planning.

  • Keyword Research.

  • Title Tag Creation.

  • Meta Tag Creation.

  • Content Optimization.

  • Image Optimization/ALT Optimization.

  • Link Building.

  • Robot.txt & Site Map Creation.

  • Google Analytics.

  • Proper SEO Reporting.

  • Search Engine Maintenance.

  • Marketing Analysis, etc.

Keywords Analysis

The keyword analysis is very effective way for taking out keywords from website content. The opening arrangement and base of search marketing campaigns are the keyword analysis. Keyword analysis is very helpful for the expansion of conversion and search for new market. Text is studied and keywords are searched with the help of keyword analysis too.

Content Optimization

The content of your website is very essential and very important for the search engines because they reflect on your website's relevancy and significance. Content optimization is very vital characteristic in Web promotion. Remember that Well optimized content always drive your web site into top position in Search engines.

Meta Tag Optimization

Your page can be shown on the search engine with a Meta tag. The function of a Meta tag has several other benefits. Meta tags are added to a webpage for increasing its visibility in the search engine. The Meta tags consist of three important components which are title, description and keyword. Keep in mind that Meta tag optimization is very effective for increasing your site visibility.

ALT Tag Optimization

Necessity has always become the mother of invention. Necessities of web promotion have prompted the webmasters to use the keywords in alt and Meta tags from time to time for web promotion and search engine optimization. Alt tag optimization will use the alt image tags not only to describe the keyword but also to find out important and related keywords in that tag. Remember that logo and image are focused and important keywords are included by the Alt tag optimization.

Website Content Writing

The content of your website is very essential and very important for the search engines because they reflect on your website's relevancy and significance. Quality Content is very vital feature in Web promotion. Remember that good quality website content writing always takes your web site into top position in Search engines.

Some of the key features of our on page optimization service are specified below:

  • We research keywords that are relevant to the content of the website.
  • Our SEO experts have enormous working experience in on page optimization.
  • We offer an in-depth analysis of your website.
  • The price of our on page optimization packages is within everyone's budget.

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