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Search engines consider the most powerful way of online business. It generates traffic / Visitors to a website directly.

The Question Would be How it Happens?

People search their needs in the search engines like: Google, Yahoo, Msn etc. The search result shows a bunch of topic oriented website list. The result consist million of websites but each page consist a list of 10 websites. When people find the result they select sites from the list according to their requirement and capacity. Research says that people have tendency to stay on the 1st page of search engines for the lack of their time. So it suggest that if anyone thinking of online business then his website should stay on the 1st page means in the top 10 websites with their targeted keywords.

Top 10 ranking of website ensures you guaranteed traffic or targeted visitors from the search engine. But the best position is the top ranking position or the No 1 position in search engines. Top ranking in search engines is the best place for any website to gain the highest number of visitors.

Why TOP RANKING is Important?

Top ranking is the most secure place for a website. Around 60% of the clicks in search-engine results page (SERP) are shared by top 3 spot. Whereas the average Click Through Rates (CTR) for the top position is around 35%.

Now that is huge! Here we have mentioned that what these visitors can do for you.

Top Ranking Will Give You:

  • Incoming of most number of enquiries.
  • As the Traffic improves the Alexa Rank will grow up too.
  • The top ranking ensures better authority in Search engines.
  • Stand on the head of your Competitors.
  • Sale will definitely increase at-least 10 times than before.
  • Top Ranking is a creator of BRAND.

How to Reach the Top Ranking Spot?

The best solution is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the only and organic tool that can take your website to the top position in search engine.

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