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The term Web development is used for several different activities which are linked to the developing of a website especially for the World Wide Web or also called as an Internet. Since the mid-1990s web development has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Web Development has now increased a lot because of the increased demand of dynamic websites.

The Web development strategies consist of the business of the e-commerce, the web designing, the web content development, the client and sever-side coding and also the configuration of the web server. Amongst the experts and proficient of the web, there is a different meaning to the term web development.

Business firms and companies organize a team of several hundreds of people who are related with the job of the web development. As a result, such a large set up is required for the established organizations to maintain their complex system of web site viewed worldwide. A group of working units, a single webmaster or an assistant is needed to manage the web graphics and system techniques. The web development of any company or any organization is a joint effort between different departments.

The web development can be divided into two main categories, the Client Side Coding and the Server Side Coding. The roles of a web developer generally include the Graphic and Web designing, information architecture, the copy -editing and the optimization of the search engine.

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